Sunday, October 24, 2010


Gabriel is 21 months old and just pooped on the potty for the first time. Gabriel mentioned he had to go poop and Daddy whisked him off to the bathroom. We haven't been putting a lot of pressure on potty training. We've read two books about using the potty. We have had a potty in the bathroom for a very long time, but used it mostly as a stool. And we recently bought an Elmo potty seat to go on the big toilet. We talk about how some day Gabriel will wear underwear and use the potty. And when he was pooping in his diaper, I would encourage him to tell me in the future when he felt like this and I would take him to the bathroom. We honestly have been thinking he wouldn't be ready until at least two years old, so it had been all talk so far. And we have already been warned by a few parents that there sometimes is a honeymoon period with that potty followed by regression. So far, we've had a pee on the potty and a poop. We will let Gabriel show us what he's ready for. But Gabriel was certainly proud of himself and he kept announcing, "I DID IT!"

I wonder how traumatized Gabriel will be as an adult that I posted his first poop photo?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Garrett's First Trip to the Library

Garrett had his first trip to the library today. We went to the Lapsit morning program at the Concord Public Library. It's a story hour/play time designed for children from newborn to age two. Garrett was wide awake when we got to the library and he seemed to like the colorful rug, the singing, the overhead lights, and looking at a few board books. Garrett was by far the youngest attendee of the day, but he was very popular with the toddlers anyway. They liked looking at him, and Garrett watched them toddle around. Many Moms remarked about how alert Garrett seemed. Garrett became very sleepy as the hour was winding down and he took a solid nap to recuperate. The program will be taking a hiatus and starting up again in November, and I plan to try to take Garrett again sometime before I have to go back to work. I may even try to find a day that it will work to take both Gabriel and Garrett together.