Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Rocked 'n Raced

The 2009 Merrimack County Savings Bank Rock 'N Race was a tremendous success! Thank you to those of you who sponsored Gabriel and me. The official tallies are not yet available, but there were at least 6,100 people who walked and ran the 5K in support of Concord Hospital's Payson Center for Cancer care. Gabriel enjoyed looking at all of the people and flirting with my co-workers. He slept for most of the actual walking. I got a work out pushing Gabriel up and down the hills of Concord. We crossed the finish line at 1 hour and 16 minutes. I think that's very respectable considering I was in the hospital on oxygen 4 months ago. Maybe Gabriel and I can make it a goal to finish in a better time next year. Thank you Sue N. for taking this photo of us on the state house steps.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Excited for the Rock 'n Race

Tomorrow night, Gabriel and I are joining some of my co-workers for the seventh annual Rock 'N Race fun run/walk in downtown Concord! This year's race benefits Concord Hospital's Payson Center for Cancer Care and begins on the Statehouse Lawn at 6 p.m. Gabriel and I will get there early so I can find close by parking. The 5K is going to be draining enough on me, so no need to add more distance by parking far away from the start/finish line. I am still trying to regain lung capacity from the damage of the pulmonary embolism I had on January 19th.

It's not too late to donate if you would like to support Gabriel and I in our endeavor. Click on the Rock 'n Race badge in the side bar and it will direct you to our on-line donation page. We know this is a hard time financially for some of our friends and family members, so if you can't donate- still send us a ton of positive energy! That will be just as much appreciated.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Afternoon in Portsmouth

We took a drive out to Portsmouth on Sunday and spent the late afternoon shopping and grabbing dinner.

Both Michael and I were in need of sneakers. I suspect that my Asics were at least 3 years old. So we went to Runner's Alley to get fitted for new athletic shoes. I ended up with a pair of pink & gray Mizuno sneakers that feel great on my feet. They are very, very comfy- but the store didn't have any other color combinations to pick from. The new sneakers will come in handy for the Rock 'n Race coming up this week. I am wearing a size ten now that my feet have spread from pregnancy. Michael got a pair of Brooks. Gabriel slept through the whole fitting business.

Gabriel and I shopped at Life Is Good while Michael looked at books in the shop next door. I have liked LIG products for a while, but have a new appreciation for the "Good Vibes" of the company since Bert Jacobs (Chief Executive Optimist) was the keynote speaker at a Human Resources conference I attended recently. I picked out an optimistic T-shirt for myself, a Rocket dog toy for Gabriel, and bought some birthday presents for some lucky little people. Gabriel slept through LIG, even while I squeezed his stroller between racks of T-shirts.

And then we went toy shopping at G. Willikers and found some more birthday presents, and little ball toys for Gabriel. Gabriel slept through this store as well.

Michael and I went to Muddy River Smokehouse and had some things to eat that would never be worthy of a low cholesterol diet. Michael had the snakebite chicken burrito while I had a combo plate of Texas Beef Ribs and smoked sausage. I have plenty of leftovers and plan to have ribs again Monday night for dinner, and then have the smoked sausage with pasta for dinner another night with Michael. The Muddy River Smokehouse definitely has generous portions! Gabriel woke up while we were at Muddy River and seemed surprised to see his new Rocket dog toy.

It never did clear up brightly on Sunday, but I was glad we left the house and got some exercise strolling around the streets of Portsmouth. I thought the temperature was just right for a jacket and a leisurely walk.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Gabriel and I went to Vermont all by ourselves on Mother's Day to see Nana Doaner. Gabriel slept on the ride over so he was wide awake to visit with the family when we arrived. Mother's Day weekend just wouldn't be Mother's Day without flower shopping. Nana, Gabriel and I went to Pinewood Gardens to pick out some of our first flowers of the season. Nana spent some of her Mother's Day gift certificate. Gabriel bought me a Rosemary plant. I got myself a pink Million Bell hanging plant for the deck. It was a little brisk as we shopped, but Gabriel held out well while we shopped around. Nana and I can get a little carried away in our flower shopping frenzy. I'm posting a photo of Gabriel and Nana, though I know Nana is going to hate the photo of herself, but it really is a good picture. I also found an old photo of Grammy Johnson and Nana shopping for flowers in the same exact spot on Mother's Day 2004. I suspect Grammy Johnson was shopping with us in spirit this Mother's Day as well.