Sunday, June 26, 2011

Appleview Orchard

We found a little gem right up the road from our house tonight. We went to Appleview Orchard for ice cream. We decided to go there last minute rather than the super popular ice cream place down in Chichester. We were close to bedtime and wanted to make a quick trip. What we found at Appleview Orchard was good ice cream and FUN! There is a wrap around deck that faces the sunset, loaded with rocking chairs and benches for leisurely sitting around and eating ice cream. The barn's kitty came to visit us while we ate. After finishing up our cones, we then visited the free attractions. They had a toddler sized bouncy house set up, but Gabriel did not want to try it. Gabriel enjoyed looking at the farm equipment and tractors, and climbing and sliding on the playground structure. They had a little play house and Garrett had fun in the sandbox. Before we left, we thanked the bunnies and the goats for having us over for ice cream and said "night, night" to them. We will certainly be making ourselves regulars this summer and fall. Our quick trip for ice cream didn't turn out to be quite so quick.

Friday, June 24, 2011