Friday, March 2, 2012

Gabriel was excited by the new covering of snow from the past two days of stormy weather. He talked about sledding on the way to school and wanted to know if we could go sliding on a "stay home day." We haven't had a chance to play as a family in the yard since our last big snow event on Halloween weekend. Considering the freezing rain and sleet predicted for overnight and tomorrow, I suspect we will have no snow left this weekend. So when we got home from work/school tonight, we made a quick dinner of leftovers, and then went outside for some night sledding before the rain comes. Michael dragged his work light from the basement and lighted the little slope on the far side of the yard. Gabriel used the new Christmas sled from Nana and Papa, and Garrett used the purple hand-me-down purple sled from cousin Maya. Both boys enjoyed cruising down the slope. Garrett had no hesitation getting into a sled with Daddy and Gabriel, or by himself. He would shriek delightedly going down the hill. The cold air and the walking up the hill worked wonders at bedtime. Both boys never made a peep after we put them in their beds.