Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Boys are Roommates

I pulled Gabriel's old Christmas jammies out of a storage bin and passed them down to Garrett tonight. Glad they will get another round of wear.

The boys have now both been sleeping in the same room for more than a week. They are going to bed at the same time, and most nights they are quickly settling down and falling asleep. Gabriel tends to awake and cry out in the late evening and Garrett usually stirs in the early morning, and would go back to sleep if we snuggled him. But the last two nights, they both even slept until wake up time with no stirring through the night. It only took 14 and a half months to get to this point.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Garrett's Greeting Turns Sad

One of the highlights of my work day is when I go to pick up the boys from their day care center. I usually gather up Garrett first, and I get a huge greeting from him. When Garrett first sees me, he gives a big smile, makes a guttural laugh, and comes charging me with his arms stretched out. He hugs me and grabs at the hair at the back of my neck with his little hands in a loving gesture. Over the past few pick ups, this lovely greeting then turns immediately to a "throw himself on the floor and cry and out" demonstration. I wonder exactly what he is saying. "I love you, Mom!" Quickly followed by him trying to tell me how hard it is to switch from two naps to one a day, or how exhausted he is from toddling all day. His sadness is usually short lived and I assume has more to do with Garrett exerting some of his own independent feelings.