Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garrett is 11 Months Old Now

Garrett turned 11 months old today. I am saddened that his first birthday is coming around the corner so quickly. And once he turns one, I think technically I need to start calling him my toddler. It just doesn't seem possible that this handsome and chipper little guy has already been with us nearly a year.

Garrett can stand for several moments at a time now all on his own, not holding on to anything to stabilize himself. He seems to be enjoying his new skill since it frees up both of his hands to grab things. Garrett has been enjoying standing by the fridge and playing with the Leap Frog magnetic toys we have stuck on it. And he certainly loves his crawling mobility since he can get to what he wants fast. At school, Garrett is a fan of the climbing structure in his class room where he goes up the stairs and slides down the ramp, and just hangs out holding on to the railings.

There are now two bottom teeth in Garrett's mouth and three teeth poked through on the top- and I am quite certain I can feel a sixth trying to pop through. Garrett has gotten his teeth sooner than his big brother did, and I have concluded that this is why Garrett seems to be mouthier. Anything is game to go in Garrett's mouth. Garrett also dove right into table food much faster, seeming to enjoy the chunks and real table food taste.

Garrett has been saying "up" for a while now, which was Gabriel's first word too. We have also heard Garrett regularly use Elleigh's name, and he calls me Mama. Garrett and I have a set of tones that we share when we are happy and content, and Garrett seems to initiate them at appropriate mood times.

The boys are having longer and longer spurts where they play together with the same toys, and it is clear they are going to be good friends. Gabriel relishes his role as big brother and he is very nurturing towards Garrett.

At this point, there are still flecks of blue in Garrett's eyes so I am wondering if he is going to have hazel eyes in the end. His hair is so soft at this point since it is starting to thicken up and grow, but he's still not ready for a first hair cut.