Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome Baby!

I made it through another busy work week that included my whole office being packed up so a new work station/desk area could be installed, and then everything had to be put back in the new locations when the install was done. Even though I got a lot of help with that project, I was still tired by Friday. I was rethinking my commitment to go out to dinner Friday night with my co-worker, Kristen, and my old co-worker, Brandi, for dinner.

But I knew I would have fun, and being pregnant, if I yawned and fell asleep I have the perfect excuse. So off I went to The Red Blazer, but instead ended up having dinner with a whole bunch of my co-workers as they threw me a lovely baby shower! How that many women kept it a surprise is amazing!!

They ordered me a Mommy Friendly Cosmo for my arrival and the restaurant set us off in a quiet area by ourselves for the festivities. After dinner, I opened all of the new goodies and gadgets for Gabriel. Everyone found the cutest things! I am so happy to hear this may be a really cold winter because Baby G has quite a few plush, cozy winter outfits to wear that I can't wait to snuggle him in.

And for dessert, there was a yummy cake with strawberry, chocolate and yellow cake layers in it separated by Raspberry jam. On the outside, instead of regular frosting, I believe it was a creamy, possibly hazelnut flavored layer that then was covered with a chocolate/ganache layer. It looks just like the chocolate was poured over the cake and it was delicious.

The CR-V was filled up with the presents and this morning I will start sorting again and figuring out an order to Gabriel's room. Watch the side bar for the new photos to appear.

Luckily, cell phones take photos now so I have a few pictures from the shower that Brandi sent me.

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