Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Pool Swim of the Season

Six years ago, I purchased an Intex "pool in a box" kit from Wal*Mart.  It was a 48 inch deep pool shaped in a big 18 foot circle.  The air inflated ring around the top would pull the walls up when water was added, leaving us with a big blue bowl in the backyard.  It cost us almost as much to get a delivery of pool water from a truck as the actual pool kit itself.  Fast forward, and the pool is still holding water.  We have had to replace the pump, the ladder, the vacuum hose and the skimmer over the years, but I still can't complain.

Tonight was our first family swim of the season.  I did a hasty vacuum and then we all piled in for some relief from the 90 degree weather.  Garrett is very confident in his puddle jumper pool float.  He was able to swim around for several minutes independently with us just hanging close to make sure his face stays above water.  Very impressive for a 21 month old.  Gabriel chose to sit on top of the large sea turtle float and paddle around instead of getting into the water.  We definitely love our Puddle Jumper Life Jackets.  We have the green crab and the blue turtle.  The boys seem so proud when they can swim around on their own.  And all the kicking and splashing tires them right out!  The boys went to bed without much protest tonight after swimming.  And Garrett even peed on the potty!
Garrett and Gabriel love their Puddle Jumper

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