Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ready or Not, Here He Comes!

Michael and I spent our final weekend of coupleness doing last minute preparations for Gabriel and trying to prepare ourselves for parenthood. I finally packed my bags for the hospital.

Michael and I wanted to go out for a special "final" dinner, but we ended just going to the Puritan Backroom. I hadn't been there in ages and Michael had never been there. I had the best chicken fingers! They were a good recommendation from a few people, and had they not been recommended, I would have never ordered chicken fingers in a restaurant. The coconut breaded ones are just wonderful. And I had so much food that we brought home enough chicken fingers to feed Michael and I at a later date. And for dessert, I had Baklava ice cream and I thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness of the flavor. (And as a side note, we did eat those chicken fingers when we got home from the hospital and used the Pampered Chef baking stone to reheat them. It was wonderful- fresh, golden and crispy just like it was out of the restaurant kitchen again.)

And I spent Monday morning doing the final organization of Gabriel's stuff in his room. We still need to install his valances, put up his quilt on the wall, hang some frames, and finish putting up his wall decals. But since he can only see 8-15 inches to start, I don't think he will notice these things are not done on his first day home.

Here are photos of the nursery. See the green afghan the knitting group made for Gabriel? And Great Grandma Johnson's rocking chair was recovered by Grandma Abberton.

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Anonymous said...

We love those chicken tenders too! They are a local favorite. Gabriels room looks very nice too. -Alyssa