Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's a little late for Easter

I've been meaning to blog about Easter for the last 6 weeks. The kids were so cute with the toys that the Easter Bunny brought for them to share. I wanted to show the little angels off playing peacefully with their new toys. It's just precious that they are holding paws while chewing on the same toy. Ahh! This is definitely an old photo since Lucas is at least the same size as Elleigh these days if not bigger. They got a Wubbly, which is basically Kong toy inside canvas. It is still alive and doing well 6 weeks later. The other toy is about ready to be trashed since they both have managed to get all of the black binding around the edge to fray. Neither of them have been able to wear those collars recently either since they got embedded with dirt on one of the dog park trips. That's what happens when you roll in the dirt.

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