Monday, March 16, 2009

Gabriel is 10 Weeks Old

Gabriel was 10 weeks old on Monday. The little guy changes so fast. He has started to outgrow many of his newborn outfits, mostly due to length. But he isn't quite big enough around the middle yet to keep up the 3 month sized clothing. It saddens me to have to pull out the garments that he's outgrown to put them away in storage. And we just have a day or two left of size 1 diapers and then we start on size 2. Gabriel has some chunkiness now to his cheeks, stomach, chest, thighs and calves. His unofficial weight on Monday was 12 pounds even according to the bathroom scale. And on Monday night, Gabriel took a rattle in his hand and stuffed it into his mouth. It's the first time I have seen him take interest in a toy in his hand like that. Gabriel really enjoys his jungle mat now. He can shake the poles enough by tugging on the hanging toys or kicking to change the music himself. And he is able to entertain himself longer now as his attention span gets longer. Gabriel still isn't a fan of tummy time, though he needs to do a little bit every day to build neck and upper body strength. He started using his Bumbo seat last week, and already with one week's time he is a lot stronger and can keep his head up longer. Gabriel has the most pleasant coo and a little shriek when he is delighted. And it just melts my heart when he smiles at me.

The time is flying by so fast. Very few of the things I thought I would accomplish on maternity leave have gotten done. I can't believe I need to return to work in just two short weeks. Gabriel trials a couple of days of child care next week. I have quite a store of frozen breast milk in anticipation of him being away from me during the work days. I'm hoping to continue breast feeding at least until Gabriel starts taking solids at 6 months, but I know it will be quite hard to keep up a milk supply while working full-time. And there won't be much time with him on work days. He may be up with me a little in the morning, and then a few hours at night before he goes to bed.

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Jacinda said...

I can't believe how fast time has flown.... Everytime I see him - there is a change. He is such a beautiful and happy baby....