Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lora and the Yoda Sweater

Gabriel and I made it to the ManchVegas knitting group Wednesday night at Barnes & Noble in Manchester. This was Gabriel's first visit, and most importantly, he got to meet Lora. Lora knitted Gabriel a lovely orange Yoda sweater. The sweater is in a kimono style so it makes it easy to adjust the size. He's been able to wear it since he was born with the sleeves rolled up. Lora immediately put Gabriel to sleep when she held him, and then she continued to hold him for at least another hour while I got to knit. I worked on the heel gusset of a blue wool sock for Gabriel to wear next fall. If you are lucky enough to be a member of Ravelry, you can check out all of the specs on the sweater on the website. Lora's username is Lorak. Thank you, Lora! We love the Yoda sweater.


Sonya said...

OMG he is so cute! I love every picture. Congratulations, I know you both (mom & dad) are so happy.

Lora said...

I just beamed with pride when I saw him wearing the sweater last night. I was a joy to hold him. Anytime you want to come knit and have to bring Gabriel, just come on and I'll take time to hold him so you can knit! It was an enjoyable evening holding your precious boy.