Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gabriel's Two Month Appointment

We took Gabriel to his pediatrician's office today for his 2 month appointment. He was a very good boy. He weighs 12 pounds and 12 ounces now, which is the 50th percentile for his age. And he is 24.5 inches long, the 75th percentile for height according to the ARNP that examined him. Charts I found on the internet show that he is more between the 75th and 90th percentile for his height. Either way, I am still not sure where the height is coming from. And his head is 16.5 inches in circumference, which is between the 75th and 90th percentile for his head size. The big noggin comes from Daddy. Gabriel was a trooper for his vaccines- three shots in the thighs and a liquid vaccine he took orally. He did cry when he got his shots, but he was soothed quickly. The photo of Daddy and Gabriel was taken in the exam room before he got shots. Gabriel slept most of the morning following his appointment. He had a low grade fever in the early afternoon that Tylenol took care of. And he's a bit cranky this evening, not that I blame him. He doesn't seem to be sore, but those were awfully big needles in comparison to his little legs. I am finding that the new temporal thermometer is a lot more convenient than the old fashioned rectal thermometer.

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