Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Gabriel and I went to Vermont all by ourselves on Mother's Day to see Nana Doaner. Gabriel slept on the ride over so he was wide awake to visit with the family when we arrived. Mother's Day weekend just wouldn't be Mother's Day without flower shopping. Nana, Gabriel and I went to Pinewood Gardens to pick out some of our first flowers of the season. Nana spent some of her Mother's Day gift certificate. Gabriel bought me a Rosemary plant. I got myself a pink Million Bell hanging plant for the deck. It was a little brisk as we shopped, but Gabriel held out well while we shopped around. Nana and I can get a little carried away in our flower shopping frenzy. I'm posting a photo of Gabriel and Nana, though I know Nana is going to hate the photo of herself, but it really is a good picture. I also found an old photo of Grammy Johnson and Nana shopping for flowers in the same exact spot on Mother's Day 2004. I suspect Grammy Johnson was shopping with us in spirit this Mother's Day as well.

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