Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Rocked 'n Raced

The 2009 Merrimack County Savings Bank Rock 'N Race was a tremendous success! Thank you to those of you who sponsored Gabriel and me. The official tallies are not yet available, but there were at least 6,100 people who walked and ran the 5K in support of Concord Hospital's Payson Center for Cancer care. Gabriel enjoyed looking at all of the people and flirting with my co-workers. He slept for most of the actual walking. I got a work out pushing Gabriel up and down the hills of Concord. We crossed the finish line at 1 hour and 16 minutes. I think that's very respectable considering I was in the hospital on oxygen 4 months ago. Maybe Gabriel and I can make it a goal to finish in a better time next year. Thank you Sue N. for taking this photo of us on the state house steps.


Denise Daniel said...

I just made my donation...sorry it's late...better late than never right???

Jacinda said...

Fab photo of you and that handsome boy! I love the bib he was true - Mumma Rocks!

Lora said...

Great picture!!!