Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Grand View

I finally got to go to Grand View for what has turned out to be the last annual ManchVegas at Grand View knitting retreat. Unfortunately, the Grand View accommodations and yarn shop did not meet my expectations. Donna and I had technical difficulties with the bed and the toilet in our room. And the yarn shop didn't have anything new and exciting that I just couldn't resist. In fact, I ended up buying a felting project kit more out of obligation than anything else. Let me mention some of my favorite highlights, or possibly they were low lights. I really enjoyed the tequila balls that Lora whipped up and brought on the retreat. (That's Lora and I in the photo above.) The balls spent quite a bit of time on our end of the table and I frequented the container a lot on Friday night, and I think for breakfast/brunch on Saturday. Check out Caroline's blog for a great photo of Lora in a cotton knit hat. Lora shared the recipe with me, so I can reproduce them again some time. Yahoo! It will be a long time before I lose the image of the free-spirited Amanda hanging out in her undies and boots for most of Saturday night. And I learned way more about some people than I probably ever really wanted to know via some drinking games. Though, I think I had an unfair advantage since I was drinking water while others were not. I did have a nice wine assortment on Friday night. I worked on my reversible green cabled scarf that I started last winter for myself, the infamous laptop sleeve, and I started a heathered purple lace hat that will probably be for me this winter. I didn't finish any projects though. And what about Bob!?


Lora said...

Good Ole Bob!
I'm glad ya came Sarah. I had fun sitting beside you and dipping in the Tequila balls with ya..Oh so yummy! :)

Jacinda said...

Sorry to hear that it will be your last. Maybe you will all find a newer and exciting place! Hmmmmm....those balls look good! Can't wait to see those show up at a party!