Friday, November 16, 2007

wedding dress

My wedding dress has arrived and is now being stored in the house! My experiment in ordering a dress direct from China seems to be working out for me so far. I found a tiny package on the deck this afternoon, and originally thought it was the T-shirt I had ordered from But, it turned out to be my wedding dress. It took me by surprise since it was about a week earlier than I expected. I ordered the dress on October 24th and thought it would actually arrive after Thanksgiving. Imagine me trying to put this dress on while keeping two puppies away from it. All the fabric and fluff was very exciting for Elleigh and Lucas. It will obviously need to be steamed since it was packed in such a small bundle, but otherwise, I am impressed at how close the dress comes to the right size and length just by sending my measurements via an e-mail half way around the world. I also asked for the sleeves to be altered a bit from the photo I saw on-line and even that request was accommodated. I guess I can stop worrying about some big wedding dress issue for the big day. I can't go into too much detail on the dress at this point since I think Michael does actually read my blog occasionally.