Sunday, November 11, 2007

Introducing Lucas Austin....

Michael and I got up in the wee hours of the morning and took a road trip to Pennsylvania to pick up our new baby boy yesterday, Lucas Austin. Lucas was born September 2nd, 2007, so he is 10 weeks old. Lucas came right up to introduce himself to Michael and he seems to like to stand on his back legs. Lucas did a really good job on the drive home, in fact, he slept most of the 9 hours. And so far, we have had potty only in the appropriate potty places. Yippee! He's affectionate and curious. Oh, and he is a Boston Terrier, but he is more of a brindle than Elleigh's more traditional black and white. He seems to like Elleigh, but Elleigh has mixed feelings. Elleigh enjoys playing with him, but she has had to be clear with him that she is not interested in nursing him no matter how hungry he thinks he is. And we have to be careful about spreading the love equally to both Elleigh and Lucas. There's definitely a pathetic look on Elleigh's face when Lucas is being handled and she is not. Luckily, Elleigh is not beyond inserting herself. You can be assured that there will be a ton of baby photos to come.

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