Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Growing So Fast

Lucas is growing so fast! When I got home tonight, it seemed like he had gotten bigger just during the work day. And as of tonight, Lucas can now get himself up the two steps at the side of the house when he goes out to potty. He's definitely getting more coordination when playing with Elleigh and seems to be giving her more of a run for her money already. And he is gaining speed when he runs through the house, mostly chasing Elleigh. And the baby sleeps through most of the night; we can get a good 6 hour stretch of sleep out of him without a potty break. Lucas worked on sitting on command on Tuesday night, and did very well with that. He seems to like standing up on his back legs, so we've been labeling this as "up" and trying to make that a command for him as well. He doesn't like the sausage doggy treats I have, but I broke up some tiny pieces of chicken breast and Lucas was very happy to work on tricks for that treat. I offered him a tiny piece Triscuit tonight, but he apparently doesn't like fiber. He's still bouncing and bounding across the floor with puppy exuberance. Elleigh is more inclined now to let him snuggle up right next to her. But he still can't make it up on the couch by himself, so that is Elleigh's safe haven when she's had enough of the puppy. Luke is still a snuggler, especially at bedtime. And he is starting a puppy training and socialization class on Sunday.

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jacinda piroso said...

How happy to get the new puppy updates.... Soon enough Elleigh will have no peace... she will need to snuggle up around Daddy's neck to get away from her happy brother! Glad you are all adjusting as a new family very well!