Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Elleigh and Lucas are so happy to celebrate their Daddy on Father's Day! The kids started the day off snuggling in bed with Daddy. And then they helped Mommy to make Daddy home fried potatoes and an omelet. They mostly just used Jedi mind control on me while I cooked. They try to use their mind to get me to drop ingredients on the floor. Yesterday afternoon, we gave Daddy a present. He got a new Wii. We thought it might be good for him to have for when he is recovering from his surgery. Mike has to leave today to go to work in New York, so he got his present yesterday so he would have time to set up the Wii and play it at least once before leaving. He's very aggressive with the boxing game and it even scares the children a bit. Lucas doesn't have a good snuggling with Daddy photo from this morning. But he has a good photo of him smiling because his Daddy makes him so happy.


Em said...

Thanks for the featured photo, Sarah. I wonder if it should be mentioned that there was some un-knitting going on? :)

letah75 said...

OMGoodness, that has to be the cutest doggie face I've ever seen!!!