Saturday, June 21, 2008

Michael's Had His Back Surgery

We got up on Thursday morning before the sun so we could get Michael to the hospital for 6:00 am for his back surgery. Dr. Levy from Concord Orthopaedics performed a disectomy on the herniated disc Mike had between his S1 and L5 vertebrae. Dr. Levy called it a large herniation. The surgery removed the herniated disc material that was pressing on a nerve. It was causing pain and weakness down Mike's left leg that just hadn't gone away after almost a year. In fact, it seemed to be getting worse. Mike reports that as soon as he woke up from surgery, his leg pain was gone. Mike was able to get discharged from the hospital on the same day as surgery, and we got him home around 6 pm. His incision sight and back are tender and stiff, but so far he seems to be doing well. Of course he is! The whole family is giving him extra hugs, cuddles, and snuggles just to make him feel better. In fact, he is probably being smothered! Michael will probably be out of work for a month. I have taken next week off as my summer vacation so I can be home and around for the first part of his recovery.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Mike doing well - and getting all those puppy kisses!!!

Arent' you a wonderful wife to take a week off to take care of him!

Hope to see you both soon!

Love - Jacinda

Anonymous said...

Get well wishes for Mike! - Alyssa