Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nana and Papa Came to Visit

My Mom and Dad came to visit on Saturday. It's been a while since they had been to New Hampshire. We had a serious work detail day and we got some big projects checked off the household to-do list. So it may be a long time before they decide to come back for a "visit."

My Dad brought his chain saw. He trimmed some low hanging branches off the bottom side of the maple by the pool. And he cut the little maple tree down that was trying to grow to close to the big maple. Now it will be easier to mow under the remaining Maple. And the two fat, ugly pine trees out by the road are gone now. And I can walk easily around the perimeter of the pool and get to the pump now since my Dad cut the sumac back. And my Mom tackled pulling up my stone garden border. Not much is actually growing in the garden around the deck anymore, so the stones got pulled up so the mower can easily cut in there now and possibly the grass will regrow. And we got the outdoor table, umbrella, and some chairs up out of the basement too. I wish I had gotten a before photo.

My folks did all of that work for just a quick hamburger lunch and some Robert Redford dessert. They brought a big bowl of beans that my Dad made. We still have some leftovers. Elleigh and Lucas enjoyed seeing Nana and Papa. They got more goodies from the table than they normally get.

The yard looked so much better, especially considering the lawn was cut by Mike's Dad on Wednesday and Thursday.

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