Saturday, June 14, 2008

World Wide Knit in Public Day!

The Sunday knitting group (officially titled the Concord Knitting Meetup) that I belong to decided to join the World Wide Knit in Public Day. Our group hosted an event on Saturday at Merrill Park in East Concord. The weather worked out well, though it was best when the breeze was around. We invited knitters from all around by advertising on Ravelry and our Concord Meetup site, and as well posted the event on the Knit in Public website.

It was wonderful to meet even more knitters from the area. There were some members from the Granite State knitters' group and some people from the ravelry knitting community.

I saw a few new gadgets that I can't live without now. I must have a handmade sterling silver darning needle now that I have seen Suki's! (I apologize now for probably spelling her name wrong.)

We brought our chairs and the food was over abundant. Denise set up her Jet Boil chocolate fondue set and we dipped everything in the gooey chocolate goodness. I still have a huge dish of uneaten brownies though which will probably make their way to Borders today so I don't eat all of the brownies myself.

Poor Ellen is a member of Ravelry, but she didn't have any friends out there. So if you are a Ravelry member, please go out and friend renaissancebabe so she won't have to knit alone in NH anymore. As of this morning, she was up to 4 friends. So the intervention has worked!

I think the consensus was that we have to try knitting at Merrill Park again soon.

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