Thursday, December 20, 2007

more SNOW!

I have no idea how much snow we actually have. Living up on the hill, everything blows all around. Sometimes we can't open the side door even with 6 inches of snow because the wind blows the snow right up onto the door. It seemed to snow again all day today. Michael dug a walking area out for the dogs when he got home from work. He's made a little area where the dogs almost have their own "fenced" in yard with snow walls to run around in and do their business. I was just out there with Lucas and the "walls" are at least as high as my knees. Unfortunately, I heard possible rain and ice for Christmas Eve weekend. That's just not acceptable since our plan is to be in Vermont for Christmas Eve day.

Have I mentioned how happy I am about having my new CR-V? This was definitely the winter to buy a vehicle with 4WD and I am very glad I didn't wait until spring.

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