Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Own Christmas

We finally had our own Christmas at home tonight. We were so tired on Christmas night from having driven to Vermont on Christmas Eve, and then spending Christmas Day at Michael's parents'. We ended up going to bed early Christmas night rather than having the dogs open their gifts, or us open our gifts to each other. Lucas and Elleigh got a whole jar of Smoke House chicken poppers. Both dogs go nuts over those and Michael and I can feel good about treating them since the main ingredient is real chicken. Lucas is wearing one of his new shirts that says "Cold Nose Warm Heart." Elleigh is posing with the kids' new bottle of doggy shampoo. They just love Buddy Wash, and Mom and Dad really enjoy the Lavender & Mint scent. They got new Schnoodleware fleece tugs so they can pull each other around the house. And naughty and nice red man shapes, which Elleigh repeatedly picked the naughty man over and over again when we gave her the choice of men. They got a mint flavored Planet Dog snowball that's suppose to keep their breath minty fresh, but neither dog seems to be a fan of the ball yet. And finally, a variety of new collars from Furry Baby Fashions to wear in the new year. Elleigh got a purple paisley and other feminine collars. Lucas got a red stars, a green stars, and blue camouflage collars.

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Jacinda said...

What lucky little puppies....and so cute too!