Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Holiday Tradition

We tried to come up with a new tradition this Christmas Eve since this was the first year that we were without Grandma Johnson. Mom came up with the idea to place milk jugs with votive candles inside them at the grave stone at dusk. One for Grandpa and one for Grandma. In years past, people have left out lighted milk jugs along Main Street and walkways in town and it looked really pretty to see driving around on Christmas Eve. Angus, Dan, Mom and I forced our way into the cemetery. The road was not plowed and was icy, but my new CR-V managed to get us up the road anyway. It made me feel better to know that Grammy would have a candle burning for her most of the night.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, what a great idea and a beautiful way to remember your Grandmother on Christmas Eve. Thank you for sharing. - Karen

Jacinda said...

That is a wonderful way to remember your grammy - I have always been a firm believer our loved ones are still with us. I'm sure both grammy and grampy enjoyed what you did.