Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Day!!!

I actually haven't been outdoors in hours, so I am not sure if we are still getting snow or if it turned to sleet and ice as predicted. It was actually nice to be shut in today. With all that Michael and I have going with the new puppy, the wedding and the holidays, I think we really needed a day to just hang out. Puppy Obedience class was cancelled and I didn't brave the drive in to knitting group. I suspect none of the knitters went. Michael and I played with the dogs, clipped their nails, wrote out a bunch of Christmas cards, watched the Patriots continue their winning streak, napped, and of course ate. I even spoke to my Mother and my Mother-in-law-to-be on the phone. Apparently the dogs needed a "day off" too as they napped hard themselves.
Unfortunately, Lucas has outgrown his Santa Suit, and doesn't have many more days he will be able to fit in the "Nice" T-shirt. But luckily, I found a new outfit for him in the cheap bins at the front of the Hooksett Target a week or two ago. So he still has something that demonstrates his holiday cheer. I had fun dressing him up in his reindeer costume and just laughing at him this afternoon. He's such a trooper. We definitely got our $2 worth of laugh out of this little costume.


Em, The Walker said...

he looks like a sad, little reindeer. didn't you feed him today? ;)

Sarah said...

Yes, he ate- his food and his sister's last night. He seems to be going through another growth spurt.

Jacinda said...

umm... how to say this... he looks like a lamb to me... he he ha ha... Love to get my fill!