Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dog Park

Elleigh and Lucas have been treated to two trips to the Concord dog park this week. Since we are working parents, both times we have arrived pretty late. So it was approaching dusk and we couldn't get great action photos due to lack of light. We also arrive after the crowds, so not a lot of socialization has happened yet this year. I can't wait for Elleigh to see some of her old friends.
But the kids LOVE the dog park no matter what time we arrive or how few people/dogs there are. They can run around without leashes, roll each other through the dirt, wipe their dirty paws all over Mommy & Daddy's pants, and check out p-mail. There is a large dog side of the park and then a separate fenced in small dog area, so we don't have to worry about Elleigh and Lucas getting trampled by big dogs. There are benches for the humans. You can see Elleigh taking a breather on the bench in the photo above.
On Friday night, Brodeigh the Italian Greyhound was at the park with his Mother. He sure was fast, but his legs are sooo long and sooo skinny. I couldn't help but think of those little legs snapping without much effort. YIKES! It was fun for the dogs to pick up sticks and run around with them playing keep away. Brodeigh was the winner of that game since he could sprint and leave the the Bostons in the dust.
I packed water, baggies, and puppy treats so the kids could have some refreshment in between all of the hard play. We even flipped a doggy Cheez-It treat through the fence to big dog Spencer. We waited until there were no other dogs in the small dog area to bring out the treats so we wouldn't cause a doggy ruckus.
Elleigh and Luke are so tired after going to the dog park. And so filthy! On Wednesday night, their collars and bodies were caked with dirt so they ended up with tubbies when we got home. And especially Elleigh, they get so excited upon arrival that you can't help but love to take them for a night out at the dog park.


Melissa said...

Rusty would love to meet up with your kids there some weekend! I can't believe Manchvegas does not have a dog park. We always go to the park (they have 2!) in Portland when we visit our family there, and my white bichon lasts about 30 seconds - right into the tub when we get home!!

Anonymous said...

They must absolutely love going to play.... I've gone with Mum and Jesse a few times last year (prior to Jesse going totally blind) - and it was great fun.... I loved watching the pups play!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics Sarah - how sweet!! - Karen