Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oak Hill Fire Tower

Denise and I took a slow jaunt for about two hours up the fire tower road on Oak Hill on Sunday morning. We're trying to motivate each other to hike this summer. I've been talking about taking up hiking for years now, so it was nice to have someone to go with.

We went to EMS the week before and tried on hiking boots together and found ourselves some colorful day packs. I ended up ordering my light hiking boots on-line because I wanted the pretty green that wasn't available in the store.

We've been looking around for some beginner type trails, walks, or roads that we can start to build our stamina up on. The trip up Oak Hill to the fire tower gave us a little challenge to start, but it was short enough that we didn't have to give up. We really didn't have any good views from the top of the hill because neither of us were brave enough to actually climb the fire tower so we could look out at the scenery. But the weather was gorgeous. We found information about the Oak Hill trail right on the City of Concord's website. Maybe before the end of the year, we can try hiking in from the Shaker Road side.

If anyone has suggestions of places we can go around the Manchester/Concord area, please leave a comment with your idea.

I think it would be fun to work up to being able to hike in to a shelter someplace with a group, take our knitting, and then spend the night eating dinner off a Jetboil stove and knitting the night away with good company.

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Anonymous said...

I think Mount Major in Alton is a nice trail. There are a couple, one is shorter, but steeper, so actually more difficult than the flater, longer one. Great views at the top.Also, some ski area's are great for beinniers, like Mount Sunapee, because have the lifts running some days, and you can take a ride up, and then just hike down or vice versa. They have a very scenic trail. Right in Manchester, starting at Lake Massebesic is an old rail trail, which is almost completely flat. There are many bike riders using the trail as well-Alyssa