Saturday, April 19, 2008

The New Dog Bed

Michael and I went to IKEA in Stoughton, Massachusetts on Saturday and bought a new bed frame and a stand to put our TV on, among other things.
It was time to get rid of the old king size bed. Who knows exactly how old it was. We already had a barely used queen size bed in the other bedroom. And now that we only have two small dogs to share the bed with it, we thought maybe we could downsize to the queen. So we decided to buy a new black wood bed frame and swap the queen size bed into the master bedroom.
When the large boxes arrived, it disrupted the dogs. Especially when we went upstairs and immediately started dismantling their big dog bed. It was clearly stressful to Elleigh and Lucas. The vacuum cleaning of the dust bunnies under the old bed didn't impress them either. But they were enthusiastic about helping put the new bed frame together. Lucas gave Michael a supportive kiss after every single screw that Mike put into the bed. Elleigh would stand on Mike's back so she could see better what he was doing with the tools. They were too helpful!
The new bed is all together now. Those of you who don't know IKEA, they have great prices on comforter cover and pillow case sets. We got a set in the red and white floral pattern, which looks great against the black wood. And on a different shopping trip, I found at Target a similar black and white floral patterned throw pillows and a matching lamp. The only casualty we had putting the bed together was that we broke the bedside table lamp. So I was glad to find a lamp that matches the pillows and the comforter cover.
Lucas and Elleigh seem to be happy with their new night time dog bed. They are fans of the comforter cover since they can sink right down in it. They look so comfy!


Angi said...

Are you happy with the comforter cover? I love mine!

Those dogs are so flippin' cute, I can't stand it!

Miss you! See you next Tuesday:-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new bed ensemble...looks as though the pups are quite pleased!


Sarah said...

So far, I am pleasantly surprised at how well the comforter cover is doing.