Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yarn, Fiber and Company

It's time to write another blog entry since my Mom sent me an e-mail wondering if I was busy and/or sick since she hadn't heard from me and there were no new blog entries to read. I got the hint, Mom!

I went to The Yarn & Fiber Company in Windham, NH for a Friday evening out knitting with friends in a yarn store. I picked up Alison in Suncook and Denise in Manchester on the way to Y&F. Obviously, you can't sit and knit in a yarn store without actually getting up, walking around and shopping. Y&F has a very ingenious scheme going on there. I have wanted to go down and join some of the ManchVegas knitters on a Friday night for some time now, but with the wedding planning it just never happened.
Here's a photo of the new loot I picked up. Half of the skeins were on sale, luckily. This is my first skein of the Smooshy sock yarn from Dream In Color and it is very soft. It's the dark blue/purple skein. This is also my first skein of the madelinetosh hand dyed sock yarn in a peony colorway. Yummy! I have a special project in mind for that skein, but can't mention it here because the recipient is a blog reader. But my knitty friends can learn all about it by logging into their ravelry account.
Going down to Y&F really got me thinking about my last (and first) trip to that yarn shop. Last April, I joined some of the ManchVegas girls and attended a class taught by Cheryl Potter (of Cherry Tree Hill in Vermont) and learned how to dye my own yarn. It was a crowded class, but it was so fun to get all of the dyes out and try to come up with a unique colorway all my own to bring some blah white sock yarn to something truly my own.
The biggest thing that I learned from the class was that I can't become a hand-dyer because I would spend all of my time staining myself, the house and sock yarn and would never actually get around to knitting. Besides, I know some people who dye on a regular basis and there's always Etsy to find the perfect colorway.
I did pull out the two skeins that I dyed myself so you could see my color genius. I don't have the creative naming down yet since the blue skein I call Blue. And the multicolor skein I originally called Paas, because it looked like I used the dye leftover from coloring Easter eggs. But that's probably a trademark infringement, so I had to change it to Easter Egg before I got a cease and desist order from the Paas company.


Lora said...

It was great seeing you gals last night!

Anonymous said...

I too - just like your Mum was wondering if all was well. I figured you were still buried under a pile of work and just being Mrs. Abberton!