Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fisher Cats v. Rock Cats

Michael, Shawn, Denise and I went to see the NH Fisher Cats play a game of baseball against the New Britain Rock Cats on Friday night. What's a Rock Cat? Michael received tickets for the game through his work. When we left the house, a thunder storm was just passing through Pittsfield. The sky brightened as we drove into Manchester. We parked down on North Commercial Street where Denise worked, and then walked to the stadium. We enjoyed seats in the second row behind the home team dug out. We sat down once we had our appropriate ball park food dinners in hand. I had an Italian sausage and Mike and Denise had jumbo dogs. Mmmmm. Denise and I brought knitting, but I didn't actually net any knitting since my Swirly Baby Hat project seems to be a little too difficult to knit while I am also trying to talk and watch for foul balls. So I knit about a half inch and then unknit about a half inch to fix a mistake. Sometime after the half way point of the game, lightening could be seen off in the north distance. And then eventually full bolts of lightening could be seen. But the game did finish and we never got wet, so that was a happy ending. The Fisher Cats won 3 to 2 in the bottom of the 9th, and it was a close game the whole way through. Pittsfield was still soaking wet when we got home, so apparently the storms all stayed north of Manchester.

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