Friday, July 25, 2008

Test Results

On Tuesday afternoon, I had two blood tests. I worked on Sunday night, so I didn't feel bad about leaving work early to go for blood work on Tuesday. I had a one hour glucose tolerance test and a second Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Test. The glucose test usually is done a few weeks later into pregnancy, but I am at higher risk to develop gestational diabetes, so we decided to do one earlier. This is actually the second AFP test I had. The first one was part of the first trimester screening at 12 weeks and 1 day. The good news is that the nurse from my doctor's office called me this afternoon to say that both test results were fine. I am happy to not have to sign up for a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. And it's nice to have double confirmation that the AFP test results are still not indicating any problems with the baby. I linked both test names in this blog post to other web pages that will give you more information on the tests if you are so inclined to read more about them.

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