Friday, July 25, 2008

Tornado Tore Through

National Weather Service meteorologists are confirming today that tornados did in fact touch down in abutting towns yesterday just before and after noon time. Here is a link to the track of the tornado damage. It must have been so scary for the people who saw that severe weather approaching. Up in this neck of the country, it's not like we see tornados on a regular basis or really know what to do when one is bearing down. I am glad that I was at work and didn't see or hear the cloud banks coming through. Not a thing was displaced at our house, despite some of the major damage being a few miles from our house. Michael and I are just amazed since even a mild thunderstorm can usually bring branches down out of our trees in the yard and displace stuff on our deck. If we hadn't seen the news reports, we would not have known anything out of the ordinary happened in the area yesterday, besides some hard rain. WMUR has some intense ariel photos of the damage if you want to go to this website to view them.

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