Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meeting Half Way

Kimi and I split the drive exactly half way and met up for Saturday afternoon in West Lebanon. We had a lovely lunch at Lui Lui's at the PowerHouse Mall. Lui Lui's specializes in brick oven pizza and authentic Tuscan Italian cuisine. They bottle their own olive oil for dipping and it may very well be the best dipping oil I've ever had since it is full of flavor, including garlic. For lunch, I had their lasagna with layers of ricotta, romano and mozzarella cheese and covered with meat sauce. It was just the right size for lunch. And Kimi and I shared a piece of caramel cheese cake.

We walked around the PowerHouse Mall and leisurely checked out some of the shops. In Ellistar, a children's boutique, I ended up buying a little Boston Terrier bean bag type stuffed animal. It has really soft plush fur and is small enough for a little one to play with, plus it looked like our babies at home. The same store had a bunch of cute outfits, but there wasn't much neutral. You had to know you were having a boy or a girl, which our child has not cooperated with that yet. So I didn't buy any outfits. There was the cutest pair of little light turquoise blue Keen sandals that I would have purchased if I even remotely knew what size shoe our kiddo would wear next summer. I think that color could have gone boy or girl.

Kimi brought with her to West Lebanon the cross stitched picture she made for our wedding. It's all framed now and looks beautiful. It will reside in our bedroom for a little while until we get the living room refinished.

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Jacinda said...

I have eaten at Lui Lui - I absolutely love it! I obviously don't get up there much - just the same delish!

I'm pleased to see you have purchased something for Baby Abberton - even if it is a faux puppy to match the other babies in your house!