Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tio Juan's Margaritas

One of my long time favorite places to eat in Concord is Tio Juan's Margaritas in Bicentennial Square. I have enjoyed the Mexican food there for well over a decade. I use to frequent it much more often except that it was so popular that the wait for a table could be long. And as I have gotten older I have opted for other places with faster seating or gone searching for unique dinning experiences elsewhere. But nothing quite compares to Margaritas' Mexican. The prices are fair and I always go home with a tin container of leftovers.

The baby wanted spicy last night, so we went to Margaritas before grocery shopping. Michael started off with a yummy strawberry margarita. We of course got the complimentary big plate of warmed hand-cut tortilla chips and the restaurant's own salsa. Michael went with the steak Burrito Supreme: chunks of sirloin rolled with refritos in a flour tortilla and topped with cheese, home-made red chile sauce and sour cream. So big that half of it came home. I got my old stand by, the fajita grill! Mmmm! It comes to the table sizzling on a cast iron pan. I got the Chipotle Barbecue Steak Fajitas with hot smoky flavor just for the baby. The fajitas come with all of the fixings: grilled onions, grilled peppers, grilled zucchini, Spanish rice, black beans, shredded cheese, guacamole, pico de galo, diced tomatoes, and sour cream. I had to assemble the ingredients myself into warmed flour tortillas, and the fajitas were so juicy they dripped down my arms. I should not have worn a white T-shirt.

We had dessert too! Mike got a whole quarter of a strawberry margarita pie. Luckily, it was a light cool whip texture and not a cheese cake consistency, so he actually was able to finish it. I forget the name of my dessert, but it was all chocolate! It had an Oreo cookie crust and layers of chocolate on top of that, and the dessert was shaped like a Reese's peanut butter cup. It was very tasty and half of that came home with me to go along with a big pile of leftovers from the fajitas.

Our plan worked because we were so stuffed by the time we made it to the grocery store that we didn't linger long on anything. Unfortunately, having not been grocery shopping for just under two weeks, our bill was too low to actually have made an effective trip to the grocery store.

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