Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Yarn & Fiber Company

Recently, The Yarn & Fiber Company moved the whole store from Windham to the Clearbrook Center in Derry. I had been to the Y&F Co. a few times at the old location. And I took a lovely sock dying workshop there in 2007 with the owner of Cherry Tree Hill yarn company.

The new location is marvelous! I walked around and around the shelves of yarn, enjoying all of the colors. There is much more room at the new location. And there are two different areas for gathering. One is a sit, knit and chat area with upholstered chairs and couches and then there is a separate class area with a table.

I went Friday night because the Y&F Co. hosts a Friday night knitting event. Fiber enthusiasts can gather, knit and chat together while working on projects. It's a good time and a lot of the ManchVegas knitting members go. I just don't get to see that group as much as I would like since the normal knitting night for ManchVegas is Wednesday and it's too late of an evening for me on a work night.

I bought some new yarn on my visit to Y&F Co. last night, of course. I got some luxury angora in a light green so I could knit up some baby booties. The angora is so soft and I wish that it wasn't so expensive so I could make myself an adult size pair of booties. Lucas seems to be a fan of the angora as well. He stops to snuffle it when he walks by it in my knitting basket. And because my Madeline Tosh sock yarn in the peony colorway has just lasted forever, I bought a new skein in the Baltic colorway. I also got some Soak detergent so I can wash some of my more delicate hand knits in a pretty smelling cleaner.

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