Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Michael and I sat on the couch tonight with our dueling laptops, Elleigh May supervising, and searched the travel websites for the best airfares we could find to Hawaii.

Our tickets are purchased!

Michael is heading out to Hawaii this coming Monday, September 17th, the day after the Nextel NASCAR race in Loudon, NH. He is going to be working on a pump in a landfill for work. (I wish my job sucked like that.) Michael needs to be at the Manchester airport in time for his 6:00 am flight on Monday morning. Yikes!

The plan is that I will fly out to Hawaii on Thursday, September 27th, as Michael's work project is concluding. We are then going to spend an additional week on the Oahu Island as vacation. Yippee! Neither of us has had a week off from work since August 2006. We will both head back on the same flight, starting in the afternoon on Friday, October 5th out of Honolulu and we will arrive in Manchester, NH just after noon on Saturday, October 6th.

Elleigh is aware that something is up since she has been extra cute and cuddly this evening. She will go and kennel at Susan's house for the week we are both gone, and Austin will go and stay with his Grandpa and Grandma at "the farm."

I better keep going through the Hawaii travel guide book I bought way back when Michael first thought he would be sent to Hawaii for work.

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