Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I broke down and had to swatch for my felted laptop sleeve on Sunday. I talked a big talk about jumping in and being all cavalier with my knitting. But after 5 days working on the sleeve excessively, and only getting an inch, I realized I better swatch and find out how much this sleeve was going to felt. My swatch didn't shrink horizontally at all. In fact, it could have grown by a 1/2 inch. I called my master knitter, Denise, to make sure that was a possibility. Vertically, it shrunk from 5 inches down to 3.5 inches. So with these new figures, I have now casted on a much smaller number of stitches for the laptop sleeve and I am now about 3 inches into the new sleeve, and I want to get to 20 inches before felting. I have a much better chance of actually finishing this sleeve and being able to use it for the trip now. Though I suspect that the sleeve may still be drying as I board the plane.

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SleepyEyes said...

Love the new blog, Sarah!! I can't wait to see your laptop sleeve. I've always thought of making one myself, but I never bring my laptop anywhere. What colors are you making it? BTW, the guest book is gorgeous!!!