Sunday, September 16, 2007

Something Blue

I finished reading Something Blue today while driving to and from Concord. Without giving too much away, Something Blue did not turn out to be a wedding story. It started that way, but actually ended up being a novel about becoming a mother. Very much chick lit, but sometimes it is nice to listen to a fun story that will never win any awards.

I am sure it was all the book's fault that I strayed from looking at wedding shoes at the Burlington Coat Factory this afternoon and found myself instead over in the Baby Land area. I was checking out baby cribs, bags and strollers. I got myself back on task though, and bought a new outfit on sale to wear out to dinner in Hawaii and found myself possibly a pair of shoes to wear at the wedding reception after the dressy shoes (that have not been found yet) are killing my feet.

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alym001 said...

I read that same book during my engagment, and was very similarly surprised, as I thought it was going to be a sweet wedding story. She has a few other books with wedding sort of title.