Saturday, January 5, 2008

Amanda Hat Contest

Gina is running another knitting contest and this time is using her Amanda Hat pattern. I have been adoring this hat since I saw the finished project at Grandview, and on the actual inspiration model. If you are interested in learning more about the Amanda Hat contest, click on the photo of Amanda wearing her namesake hat over in the sidebar to the right. It will link you right to Gina's instruction page for the contest.

For Christmas 2006, I made a similar hat for my friend Kimi in Vermont, and I don't think she knows how hard it was for me to put that hat in the box and mail it off to her. I really wanted to keep it myself. And I am not a big fan of knitting the same pattern twice, so that's why I never made myself my own. So, here's an opportunity to make myself an Amanda hat.

All things are wedding right now (2 months and a few days to go) and I have been finding that not much knitting is getting done unless it is at Sunday knitting group. I really should try to do more knitting since it is relaxing for me. If I could find a project I could knit on and read for my PHR exam at the same time, that would be perfect! Knitting is so much cheaper than therapy.

My intention is not to be the winner of making the most Amanda Hats, but just to start one hat project. I have a few yarn store gift certificates from my birthday and the holiday that I can cash in and get myself some lovely yarn. Maybe something that would be very luxurious to the touch. The deadline for the contest is Amanda's birthday on February 21st. If nothing else, this would be a portable project to take with me on a plane to the honeymoon destination. That location is yet to be determined.

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