Saturday, January 19, 2008

Night Out with Asian Flavor

Have I mentioned that I have been studying for a Professional Human Resources certification exam? The test is next Monday and I have been studying in some sort of manner since early last summer. So I felt guilty that I would be going out with friends on Saturday evening when I could have been studying more, or wedding planning. But it turned out to be exactly what I needed- a good stress breaker.

It was Ed's birthday dinner night out and he wanted to go to Moritomo Japanese Restaurant in Concord, one of my favorite places to eat. I like their sushi bar, a delicious ginger dressing for their green salad, and they make a tasty hot mustard sauce that you can actually eat without burning your sinuses out. Nancy, Dale, Jacinda, Jeff, Alison, Glenn, Michael, Ed, Sam and I all sat around the teppanyaki table where the chef grilled up our orders and prepared dishes on the teppanyaki right before our eyes. The show included tossing food around and at us, making wisecracks, juggling sharp objects, cracking eggs with dramatic flare, and making a flaming volcano out of an onion.

After dinner, we moved to Szechuan Garden in Penacook where they have a dance floor and a Karaoke bar. I had never seen Karaoke done before. There were some people that got up to sing that I can say that they had a lot of guts and/or false confidence. There were also some real stars, most of whom seemed like they might be regulars living their own "American Idol" life at night in the bar at Szechuan Garden. It was fun to dance a little and let loose too.

I took several photos, but I didn't bring my own camera, so I was borrowing Alison and Glenn's camera off the table. Hopefully, Al or Glenn will send me some photos so I can enhance this blog post at some time in the near future.

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