Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happiness is Sharing a Sun Spot...

Our children continue to be beautiful!

And we continue to try to be humble about it.

Elleigh and Lucas were sharing a sun spot on the couch Sunday morning and having some quiet time together.

Lucas has been in an intense teething mode. He hasn't been doing any destructive chewing, but he has been losing teeth and trying to cut new ones. Sometimes we rub his gums for him until he starts to drool. Other times he gnaws his bone aggressively. We've managed to find one baby tooth that fell out. He has a loose baby eye tooth that should be coming out soon. And it looks like he might be developing a little bit of an under bite. It may just be because his new teeth haven't yet lined up.

And Sunday is all about snuggling up with Daddy on the couch too. Here are all of my babies sharing a sun spot: Little Baby, Pretty Baby, and my Big Baby. Michael is not too impressed with his new pet name, but it fits the theme and I'm sticking with it.

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Jacinda said...

Oh my - these b&w photos are beautiful! What a wonderful family.