Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Unaccompanied Minor Puppies

No puppies were harmed, or even slightly compromised, in the making of this photo.

Upon returning home from a New Year's Eve party last night, Michael and I found that the doggies had a little party of their own. They had gotten out the little martini glasses and apparently liquored themselves up. We have no idea how they got the stool over to the counter and climbed their way up to the liquor in the cupboard over the stove. We got this photo of Lucas shielding his eyes from the bright light since he has a puppy hangover. Elleigh is just sleeping off her buzz. Bad, bad puppies! Since they laid around quietly all New Year's day recovering, they had plenty of time to make their goals and resolutions for 2008.

Elleigh's Goals & Resolutions for 2008

Elleigh wants to get back to the gym in 2008- the agility gym. She says she misses the workouts and making friends. And now that Lucas is here, Elleigh thinks one night out a week with just her and Mommy would be a nice idea. We're going to look into that after the wedding.

Elleigh is going to work again this year on being less gaseous. She tried a new food last year that really helped, but she still has some room for improvement.

She'd like to expand her wardrobe.

Elleigh is going to lay off the liquor too.

Lucas' Goals & Resolutions for 2008

Lucas is going to work on sharing toys better with his sister, per Elleigh's request.

Once the awful, cold snow is gone, Lucas wants to learn to walk on a leash politely.

And Lucas wants to take some classes to expand his mind and knowledge base. He's thinking Puppy Obedience 2 and Canine Good Behavior, maybe even taking his own introduction to Agility.

Lucas hopes to be 100% potty trained early in 2008.

And he promises to stop eating stuff off the floor. Lucas is a fluff connoisseur and seems to find bits of stuff on the floor to smack his lips on and chew daily. Maybe hourly, until Mommy or Daddy stick their fingers in his mouth and pull out wet balls of stuff.


alym said...

These are the most photogenic dogs I have ever seen, and very witty wtih their resolutions as well. Happy New Years to all!

Jacinda said...

My my - those are some naughty puppies.... I'm surprised you didn't come home to find the police at your door due to the loud music.

Em, The Walker said...

once again, love the puppies. my cats went out to terrorize the town so i was none the wiser when i came home and nothing was out of place!