Monday, January 28, 2008

The Exam is Over!

I took my exam this evening to try and certify myself as a Professional in Human Resources. I've been studying with my co-workers, Kristen and Brandi, since last spring. It was probably the hardest exam I have ever taken. And definitely the longest effort I have ever put into studying for anything. It took me almost the full four hours to complete the exam. Despite no less than three panic periods during the exam when I was convinced I would fail and that I might as well just leave the testing center without finishing, I received a preliminary pass notification at the completion of the exam. I have to wait 2-3 weeks now for the official results. At that point, if I am still considered passing, I get to use initials after my name at work. And I will need to do a certain amount of education and activities in a year to keep my certification up.

I feel relieved to be done with the studying and the testing. The stress was removed from my shoulders for this project as soon as I was driving away from the testing center. The hours I have spent on studying can now be used to finish the wedding planning and to start knitting on a more regular basis again. Brandi, Kristen and I might actually take a real lunch break now and talk to each other about none HR things instead of studying during our lunch break.

I hope all of the effort was worth it.


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