Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Miss Elleigh May Would Like to Make an Announcement

Elleigh is too tired and recovering on the couch from her time away at the kennel. But, Elleigh May wanted me to write a blog for her to announce that now that the whole family is married, she has chosen to take her Daddy's name. Elleigh May can now be addressed as Miss Elleigh May Abberton effectively immediately. She's thinking she wants Mommy to buy her something with her new monogram on it... EMA. Or maybe even she would like formal announcement cards sent out. We've changed her name with the kennel earlier today and Mommy will call the vet tomorrow to change her name there. Lucas was technically Daddy's dog already, though he's a Momma's boy, so his name was already Abberton.


Em said...

Perhaps you can find a pre-name for Miss Elleigh that starts with an "f". That way her initials could be FEMA. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) -em

Caroline said...

Hi Sarah! Belated congratulations! Also, I have tagged you for a meme (sorry). The rules are on my blog.