Wednesday, February 4, 2009

30 Days

Gabriel is 30 days old today! It is hard to believe it has already been a month since he arrived. Gabriel has started to consistently sleep a 5+ hour stint each night, though he hasn't yet decided on a consistent time he will be going to bed, so he keeps us guessing there. Gabriel is already a pacifier addict. We have four around the house and still can't manage to keep one in every strategic point necessary. We have a glider chair that Kimi Eugair passed on to us that Gabriel enjoys sitting in during the morning hours. He lays awake a little while just slowly being moved forward and backward and looking around before taking his morning nap. Gabriel now pays attention to some of those toys that hang off his gym, the glider, and the bouncy seat. Sometimes he even bats at the toys with his hands. He seems to enjoy being held and snuggled, and the warmer he can be bundled up in a blanket the better. While chatting with Grandma Abberton earlier this week, he seemed to be truly smiling at her as they talked. And almost from the start, Gabriel has had impressive neck strength. He's been trying to hold up his own melon since he was born. Though he doesn't seem to be a fan of "tummy time" yet. I got the camera out this morning and used the light in Gabriel's room to take some photos of him. I tried to capture all of those little baby parts that will be gone soon enough.


Jacinda said...

Yippeee....Gabriel has made the blog in person! Thank you for sharing! I love the photos... he looks so angelic (guess the name fits!) - I read the blog aloud to the office girls.... they were wondering if you took photos of the umbillical cord (since that baby part will soon be gone - if not already....) - we need some piggie photos up here.... Ooooh - they were also quite impressed at his sleeping skills!

Angi said...

He is so beautiful!!!