Friday, February 13, 2009

On Friday night, we went out for a family dinner at The Weathervane. Michael drove in right from work. Gabriel and I came in our own vehicle, and we met Grandma and Grandpa Abberton and Great Aunt Marilyn and Great Uncle Norman at the restaurant. It was the first time Gabriel met Marilyn and Norman. He slept through much of dinner, but we woke him up towards the end so he could be sociable. I had fried clams, which I have plenty of leftovers for another meal at a later date. And I spied Toll House Pie on The Weathervane specials menu, and now I have a craving for that.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh Sarah. He is so bloody beautiful. (I never minded people calling my boys beautiful. I hope you don't find it offensive.) He really is just gorgeous. So alert, perfect amount of hair! Glad to see you and Gabe are getting along well and you are gaining strength every day!!
I've been thinking of you,