Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meeting In The Middle

Gabriel is a good car rider, and I have built up my endurance quite a bit, but a full trip all the way to my Parents' house in Vermont is still too much right now. So on Sunday, instead we met my Parents half way in West Lebanon. We had lunch at McDonald's and then lingered after the meal so Gabriel could meet his cousins Angus and Brandi, and Nana Doaner could ogle the baby. Agnus was very excited to meet his cousin, though, I think he expected that Gabriel would be capable of doing more. You'll notice Nana and I had a good tight hold of Gabriel while Angus was holding him and posing for photos. Afterwards, we went to Wal*Mart shopping, and Nana bought Gabriel some wrist rattles. Gabriel wore his sunglasses. Here is a photo of him waving at the camera and showing off his style.

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Jacinda said...

Oh my - Gabriel rocks!!! He is so handsome and cool to boot! I check back often! Hope to see you all soon!