Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trip To Concord

Gabriel and I hung out all morning at the house by ourselves today and managed just fine, in my opinion. It was our first full day alone together without Daddy or a snugly grandparent to help out since Gabriel was born.

In the late afternoon, I had an appointment to get my Coumadin blood level checked at my doctor's office. So I packed Gabriel in the CR-V and we went for a ride into Concord. Gabriel is an excellent car rider, meaning he falls right asleep with a content look on his face when placed in the car seat.

Since my appointment was on the Concord Hospital campus already, and I still had some energy, I pushed Gabriel in his stroller into the Human Resources department for a visit with my boss and the co-workers. The ladies of HR were more than happy to tell me how beautiful and precious Gabriel is, and to hold and snuggle him. The walk was taxing for me, but I can already feel gains from just last week, when I was out of breath just walking myself into the office for my appointment without a baby in tow. And I guess if I want to feel real accomplished, the week before that I was happy just to be breathing.

Baby steps... for Gabriel and I.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're coming along and feeling better! I was worried there for awhile.

Take care of yourself, enjoy your time off and have fun!

It's great to have the blog back too.